Introduction to Java Web Applications


It is true that web has become most important element in all type of business activities and communication and exchange of information over the last two decades.Web provides a place for marketers to show thier products and for customers to view and visit sites.Then there is a need to build interact applications over the web to provide all these type of facilities.

What is Web Application

A web-application is a simple computer program which allows visitors to interact with the sites and provides a secure interface which allows to submit / retrieve information to / from a server over the network using browsers.
Web applications resides in a server and can be accessible through net , queries the data repository (database)  and dynamically generates the web pages to serve the clients.These pages are in a standard format which can be compatible with all the browsers.There is no restriction of clients O.S , browsers.

Web application Work Flow

Following  diagram explains how a web application works in a detailed way for 3-Layered architecture.
Layer 1 :Client side Browser
Layer 2: Server side page generation  technologies like JSP , ASP.
Layer 3: Data repository


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