My First Java Program Using Eclipse IDE


Note:- You must download 32-bit for 32-bit JVM or 64-bit for 64-bit JVM.

  • Unzip the downloaded Eclipse into a folder where you want to place.
  • Double Click on the file eclipse.exe , it will open your eclipse IDE as follows.

  • create a workspace by typing a name in the workspace field and click OK.

  • Your Eclipse loads as follows.

  • Your Eclipse IDE open and looks like...

  • Now , we are going to write our new program,Click on File and select New ----> Java Project as shown below.

A new pop up dialog will open by asking for project details.

  • A dialog  will open asking for java settings . Click on finsish.

Now your project is ready, and it will be shown in your project explorer.In your project there is a folder src is the base folder for your java program source codes.

  • Now right click on src and select New---->class.A dialog will open as follows and in the dialog enter package name and class name as shown below.

  • Click on finish
  • Now you created your project and created class in your project using IDE .
  • Type the following code in your class

package myfirst;

public class MyFirstJava {

public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("This is my first Java Program");

  • After you typed your program correctly, save your class by right-click and select save.
  • Now it is time to run your program.
  • Right-click in your class and select Run As--->Java Application.Your project starts executing.

  • Now , you can see your out put in console at bottom of eclipse IDE as shown below.

You have completed your first program using Eclipse IDE.
Thank you.......
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