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Welcome to Java Friends Community. This is one of the best places on the web to learn and practice Java and its related technologies. You can learn java from the scratch here. With our experience in providing the best tutorials for Java programming, we assure that you can learn java here with good knowledge.here you will study Java tutorials include:

About Java Installation Java Basics

Basics of Programming . :- for beginners who are new to programming.
JAVA Basics. :- for beginners who are new to Java.
Core Java . :- First phase of Java Learning.
Advanced Java . :- Advanced phase of Java Learning like JDBC e.t.c.
J2EE Technologies :- For web applications and Enterprise applications including Servlets , JSP , struts , EJB, Hibernate, Spring te chnologies e.t.c

If any feedback or advises to improve this tutorials are welcome . If any one who interested to write articles will be encouraged accordingly.